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Determinants of Health
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Site Map

Basic categories shown in bold. Specific links to be built as pages are created.

About This Site
pages that are related (BDI work group, prevention framework text, etc)

(these can be grouped by physiological, behavioral, social; include a listing of key determinants: smoking, alcohol, drug use, nutrition, physical activity, violence, stress..)

brief narrative (About Determinants on additional page)
"What can be done?" (on each determinant page)

links to relevant outcomes pages
links to upstream determinants
links to downstream determinants
link to a page that explains upstream/downstream
links to relevant prevention intervention pages
quantification estimate and links to PAF pp
links to MEDLINE search strategies page
links to Web (specific re determinants)

Health Outcomes


Premature Mortality

- Link to deeper pages that show yll by ethnicity, zip, age?
- Link to
deeper pages that show outcomes presented in the "Our Health" section of the Overview of Health?

Disability-Adjusted Life Years

Link to methods at

Emerging Problems (STDs, TB, BT, etc)

Links to relevant determinants pages from various outcomes pages

Web Resources

HealthyPeople 2010
links from google search "burden disease"


Links from "About this Page"
Links that are common to all parts of site (eg refs, MEDLINE strategies..)

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