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MEDLINE Search Strategies: Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 is a Medical Subject Heading (MeSH), and if you formulate your search strategy within the MeSH browser (follow link at the beginning of this sentence), you can limit to specific subheadings. Additional MeSH can be added to narrow your search.

Alternatively, if you use enough words in your query, you can enter it into the default PubMed query box. For example, typing in "type 2 diabetes AND television" mapped to the MeSH for "diabetes mellitus, type 2" as well as words that appeared in abstracts or titles, producing 23 citations on May 5, 2004. Among these was an abstract to a study in JAMA showing that television watching is a risk for diabetes.

PubMed includes a number of filters that can be helpful in focusing your search. For example, using the MeSH brower, a search for papers indexed under "Diabetes Mellitus, Type II"[MeSH] produced more than 31,000 hits during mid-2004. However, using the "limits" feature and limiting these results to the publication type "practice guideline" produced 86 hits [updated preconstructed search]. In a similar vein, limiting the results instead to the publication type "meta-analysis" produced 67 hits [updated preconstructed search].




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Updated May 5, 2004

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