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Determinants of Health
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This process was begun in 1998 as part of a systematic analysis of mortality in San Francisco, 1990-1995. Included in this 135-page report [pdf] was an attribution matrix that depicted the relationships among the leading causes of premature death and nine "underlying causes" (determinants) that, according to a widely quoted paper (McGinnis & Foege, 1993), accounted for more than half of the mortality in the United States. The pages that you find here are works in progress that will expand this depiction to a broader range of determinants (see introduction to 2002 Overview of Health in SF, pdf) and link them to both premature mortality and DALYs (a metric that encompasses both premature mortality and years lived with disability). In addition, we will attempt to follow the guidance of Murray & Lopez in making destinctions between attributable burden and avoidable burden. Ultimately, this will be a repository of evidence that can be used to guide prevention planning in San Francisco.

This Web page is action step #2 in the Dept of Public Health's draft Prevention Framework.


Updated Sept 20, 2002

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