information that might improve the
health of San Francisco's population
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Its history is briefly summarized here.

The forces that determine our health are complex, but they're mostly local. What do we know about health in San Francisco? What might be done with this information to decrease the burden of disease and injury in San Francisco?

(San Francisco's innovative health care access program is the topic of another web site, Healthy San Francisco)

Sampling of ideas developed here:
  Between 2000 and 2010, was used to support the work of two state-funded grant projects (telehealth and injury prevention), a website that depicted the determinants of health in San Francisco (linking them to mortality outomes), clinical guidelines for the treatment of hypertension, a website for the centenial remembrance of the 1906 earthquake and public health response, and a website that implemented the Board of Supervisors' request that the Department of Public Health assist San Franciscans in obtaining lower cost prescription medications. Many websites developed here were subsequently moved elsewhere. Others, now dormant, might be developed further in the future.

last updated 2 February 2018