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The forces that determine our health are complex, but they're mostly local. What do we know about health in San Francisco? What might be done with this information to decrease the burden of disease and injury in San Francisco? Answers to these questions will be explored here. (San Francisco's innovative health care access program is the topic of another web site, Healthy San Francisco)

Update on alcohol use: According to a recently published study, roughly a tenth of all premature mortality among San Francisco males can be attributed to the way that alcohol is used in the City. Latino and African American males are disproportionately affected. A work group is being formed to find the most appropriate intervention. Among possible resources is the alcohol chapter (Chapter 2) of a recently published report on health inequities from the World Health Organization (large PDF).

Current Projects
  A work-in-progess website that depicts the Determinants of Health in San Francisco.
  Prevention and control of high blood pressure
  African American health in San Francisco
  Finding Health Information on the Web, a handout and Web page from a training that is routinely given at the San Francisco Department of Public Health by Brian Katcher.
  Premature mortalily in Years of Life Lost for San Francisco by sex and ethnicity, 2003-4. Includes detailed methods. [PDF: "Calculating Expected Years of Life Lost to Rank the Leading Causes of Premature Death in San Francisco"] [html, PubMed Central, with results focusing on average years of life lost]
  2010 Snapshot of Health of San Francisco County (Robert Wood Johhnson Foundation & University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute: County Health Rankings program)
  San Francisco's most walkable neighborhoods
  Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII)
  Health Outcomes in San Francisco
  A broad perspective on health, New England Jouranal of Medicine (2007): Shattuck Lecture. We can do better--improving the health of the American people.
  Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce
  MEDLINE Interfaces and Related Resources (Appendix to MEDLINE Book)
Moved, After Development Here
  "Looking Back at the Public's Health After the 1906 Earthquake & Fire" was moved to the San Francisco Department of Public Health's website and is being re-integrated into the new website design.
  The California Injury Prevention Network's Web site, developed by a state-wide group under the auspices of a grant to the SF Dept of Public Health and the SF Injury Center, was moved in 2009.
  Draft site for the Community Health Promotion & Prevention Branch of the San Francisco Department of Public Health
  "San Francisco Pharmacists & Biological Threats" has been replaced with the SF Dept of Public Health's Communicable Disease Control & Prevention website. Another excellent local resource for preparing for biological threats is the Center for Infectious Disease Preparedness at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health.

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